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Leche Flan In Toronto?


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I’m in the business of creating leche flan. And as such, I’m always asking myself, “who makes the best leche flan in Toronto?” This question has driven me to visit many Filipino restaurants and stores that sell this delicious Filipino staple. I’ve given every bite a chance, and I will admit that I liked a very small number of this popular Filipino dessert, and I’ve disliked even less. The flan that I tried didn’t have the taste and texture that myself and a countless number of people throughout the decades have grown to love.

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Flantastic’s Leche Flan has been around for a few decades. Not as a business, but as a dessert – a goodwill gesture that my mom made for her friends and family – which started back in the 80s. My mom eventually passed this recipe and cooking technique down to me. And as a result, we now have the flagship Flantastic Leche Flan product. You can read the history of Flantastic here.

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one of our ‘Flanatics’

“I love this flan. The taste has an insatiable effect on you. It was just sweet enough where I felt like I needed just one more bite – but one more bite was never enough. The caramelized sugar was a light golden brown colour. This to me means that the temperature was perfect and that it wasn’t left on the burner for an excessive amount of time like most flans are. What I really love though is the texture. Flantastic’s flan doesn’t melt in your mouth right away like most others, instead, it firmly sits there on your tongue long enough so that you can savor the amazing taste! This is the best flan that I’ve had, and this will be a constant at all the gatherings that I go to. Thanks, Flantastic, it’s about time the city has what I like to call, Gourmet Flan.”

Different Types Of Flan

Different Types Of Flan

Different Types of Flan from Flantastic Leche Flan In the short time that Flantastic Leche Flan has been around, we’ve grown in popularity. Thanks to our amazing repeat and new customers who faithfully come back and hype up our uniquely textured flan. So, to show our...

The Most Popular Leche Flan Toronto Has To Offer.

The Most Popular Leche Flan Toronto Has To Offer.

Flantastic Leche Flan Toronto    We've Been Busy It’s been a very busy start to the summer. Our customers have been clamoring to order the tastiest dessert from Flantastic  Leche Flan Toronto for their Toronto Raptors parties, and as we all know, the parties have been...

Late Night Dessert in Mississauga.

Late Night Dessert in Mississauga.

 Late Night Dessert in Mississauga After a fun night of drinking and partying with your people, the last thing you want is the night to end. This is where Flantastic Leche Flan comes into play - the perfect late-night dessert in Mississauga to share with your crew!...