Flantastic Leche Flan in Toronto

Flantastic will be put on pause while I work out west for the next month. Please keep an eye out here for updates. Sorry for the inconvenience. Welcome to Flantastic Leche Flan in Toronto – home of the most delicious Filipino dessert. Our six unique flavours of Leche Flan are the tastiest & our customer service is the best in the city. We make it easy for you to be the host or hostess with the ‘mostest!’ 

Traditional flan on a plate with a mint leaf


Flantastic Leche Flan is the most delicious Filipino dessert in Toronto. This flavour has a unique taste that is not overly sweet. It’s unlike Crème brûlée or Crème caramel. The flavour is nothing like you’ve ever tasted.

Coffee flavoured leche flan on a plate


This is the most delicious coffee flavoured dessert in Toronto. Our coffee leche flan is rich, heavenly and absolutely irresistible. The espresso that we use will add a pep to your step!

Small Flantastic Caramel Flan

Dulce de Leche (Caramel)

Craving caramel? Dulce de Leche Caramel Flan is Toronto’s go-to dessert to satisfy your indulgent caramel cravings. Caramel connoisseurs will love this flavour!

Vanailla Bean leche flan

Vanilla Bean

Lovers of vanilla bean flan in Toronto are going to love the cool creamy, and intoxicating flavour of Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla. This classic taste will have you and your guests coming back for more!

Dairy free coconut flan on a plate

Coconut (Dairy Free)

Are you thinking of the islands and those hot tropical days of summer? Sink your teeth into our delicious and creamy dairy free coconut flan – Toronto’s first!

Chocolate leche flan


The firm texture of this delicious treat is more like cheesecake and less like any of our other flavours. Once you taste this, you’ll agree that this is the best chocolate dessert in Toronto. It’s a unique mouthwatering must-try.

The World Loves Flan

Where does the best Leche Flan in Toronto and GTA come from? This delicious dessert came into existence with the Romans. It was spread throughout the lands of ancient times by Roman soldiers who brought with them, the traditions from their homeland. Spain was particularly enthralled with the creamy treat. They added their own spin with the addition of caramel, and that is how the dessert we now know as Leche Flan was created. Although there is debate on the beginnings of flan, it is enjoyed in the regions of France, Italy, Spain, and the rest of Europe.

Flantastic Leche Flan is the tastiest Filipino dessert in Toronto. This amazing city is home to many Asian, Caribbean and Latin countries that have their own names and ways to enjoy this delicious dessert. Called caramel custard in India and Malaysia, this rich sweet was brought to these countries by Portuguese sailors. It is savoured during the holidays and the end of Ramadan. In Japan, it is called Purin (translates to pudding). It was introduced from the west during the Meiji era and is a favourite treat of the Japanese and is enjoyed all year round. The French version (known as creme caramel) was introduced to Vietnam when it was a French colony, the Vietnamese call this delicious dessert Banh Caramel. Puerto Rico has various flavours of flan, using regional fruits and extracts from native plants. Chileans eat flan with quince jelly – a local fruit. Many Caribbean countries add coconut to theirs. The folks of Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic flavour their flan with coffee. The Flan Napolitano, from Mexico, is made extra creamy with the addition of cream cheese.

The flan is one of the world’s most popular desserts with different variations of flavours, ingredients, and names.

The Filipino Leche Flan

What’s the main ingredient of the best Leche Flan in Toronto and the GTA? Filipino flair of course! The flan was brought to the Philippines at the time of the Spanish Colonization in the early 1500s and it has been a beloved dessert ever since. The people of the Philippines have taken the recipe and added their own twist. Filipino flan is renowned for its firm, silky, smooth texture, and extra creamy taste. This national dessert is delicious on its own but can make a yummy topping to other popular Filipino desserts like Maiz con Hielo (Spanish for corn with ice) and Halo-Halo (meaning mix-mix) – a popular Filipino milkshake that is a mix of crushed ice, evaporated milk, topped with an assortment of fruits, beans, coconut, jellies, ice cream and finally with a generous portion of Leche Flan.

Filipino Dessert In Toronto

Flan is our obsession! We at Flantastic Leche Flan put a modern twist in the cooking process which has given it the most delicious taste and unique texture found in any Filipino dessert in Toronto and GTA. As a result, our flan tastes the best! We started with three delicious Leche Flan flavours on our permanent menu – Traditional (fan favourite), Creamy Coconut, and Dulce de Leche Caramel. We are always looking to expand our main menu with the help of our fans – the Flanatics! As a result, Flantastic Leche Flan is always introducing new flavours to tickle the taste buds and satisfy your sweet tooth.  Please check out our FAQ page to learn more about our products, service, and order process.

Slice of Leche Flan on a plate with a mint leaf
A slice of leche flan on a plate and a cup of coffee

This is what our ‘Flanatics’ are saying.

Five stars rating from Flantastic Leche Flan customers

“Flan was delicious and hit the spot! Caramel on top was perfect. Taste and texture of the Flan were spot on. Will definitely be ordering again!”

Mario A

Five stars rating from Flantastic Leche Flan customers

“I first discovered this delicious dessert in the Philippines about 13 years ago. Since then, Leche flan has become my favourite dessert! It sort of resembles crème caramel and custard but it is much smoother and has a firmer texture.”

Sheila R

Five stars rating from Flantastic Leche Flan customers

“Great customer service, was quick to reply when I initially inquired, delivery was prompt; in addition to the obvious, the three flans, tasted delicious. Will definitely be ordering again.”