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The Most Delicious Filipino Dessert In Toronto

Traditional Leche Flan

Flantastic Leche Flan makes the best-tasting Filipino dessert in Toronto. Ours comes from years of experimenting, testing, and refining the traditional leche flan recipe – thanks to my mom. We use a similar cooking technique that Filipinos use, but we have incorporated a style that is exclusive to Flantastic. As a result, we have come up with a taste and texture that our connoisseurs are raving about!

The amazing taste which comes from high-quality eggs, sugar and milk is an experience that you will never forget. Although this is a dessert, it is not overwhelmingly sweet. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t taste the caramelized sugar that adds extra flavouring to this staple Filipino delight. You can use the caramelized sugar as a base layer or you can pour it on top as an added syrupy treat.

The texture which is synonymous with all the flavours from our menu is firm and smooth. This is typical of most Filipino flans and it comes from the cooking technique and ingredients that are used. Filipino Flan or Leche Flan is customarily denser than crème caramel and caramel custard. Flantastic’s rich texture is unique and this separates our dessert from all the other flans that you’ll ever taste. It is our one-of-a-kind texture and taste that attracts new and repeat customers to us. At Flantastic Leche Flan we want your experience to be different so that we are your choice when you want a delicious dessert in Toronto.

This memorable experience will keep you coming back for more. Our Traditional Leche Flan is the flavour that started it all. Send us a message and put your order in and taste the best Filipino dessert in Toronto.

By the way, folks that want a stronger more caramelly taste than our Traditional flan absolutely love our caramel flan.